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Members of the Velo Hospitality Network agree to provide the certain services to cyclists. They do this because they want your business!

Participation in the Network by a service provider is on a good faith basis. We solicit feed-back from cyclists who use the services on the Velo Hospitality web site.

Cyclists who use the services of a Member of the Velo Hospitality Network and members of the Network understand and agree that through their use of any such service Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation and the Member of VeloHospitaltiy will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to a user or a user's bicycle while using the services or en route to or from the service.

If an Member provides additional services beyond the scope of our guidelines please let us know. We will incorporate them into the property description and add the service to our program, if makes life easier for people to travel by bike.

Providing Services to Cyclists


Cycling friendly accommodations are in the business of attracting cyclists to stay with them. They don't necessarily exclusively serve cyclists but definitely want to see more people pedalling up to their gates. These accommodations provide information and services that are designed to make the cyclist's stay more comfortable and the cycling experience in the locale more enjoyable..

Providers of indoor accommodation agree to offer secure bike storage for cycling guests. They agree to read the Velo Hospitality Guide and endeavour to provide the services outlined in the Guide to the best of their ability.

Providers of campground accommodation agree, wherever practical, to provide campsites for cyclists travelling without additional motorized support with a place to pictch a tent that is close to washroom facilities and running water if provided. Such operators understand that when a cyclist arrives at a campground that is fully booked, it may be difficult if not impossible for that cyclist to ride to an alternative campground due to the distance. The operator will endeavour to accommodate non-supported cyclists (that is cyclists without motor vehicle suppor) who are travelling solo or in pairs. This will not always be possible and in such cases the Member will assist the cyclists to find alternative accommodation nearby. This may involve assistance in obtaining motorized transporation for the cyclists and bicycles.

Restaurants, Office Buildings and Stores

Members of the Velo Hospitality Network who run restaurants, office buildings and stores provide a covered area for bike lock up that is located near a staffed area. Cycling clothing is acceptable dress wear at restaurants and stores. Some office buildings will provide underground secure parking for bikes as well as showers and change rooms for commuting cyclists.

Bike Shops

The principal activity of the store must be for the sale, servicing of non-motorized cycles and accessories. This category includes bike rental agencies. Bike shops agree to provide a reciprocal link to us.

Tourist Attractions

Museums, art galleries, natural sites, parks. Where an entry fee is charged the Member of Velo Hospitality must provide a covered area for bike lock up. If not in a secured area (ie, locked room) it must be located near a staffed area.


This category includes trains, airplanes, car rental, local transit. For car rentals if accompanied by a bicycle, there must be no additional charge for the passenger portion of the fare or rental fee. Members of Velo Hospitality may charge for use of a box (in the case of buses, trains and airplanes) or rack (in the case of car rentals and buses) or the actual transportation of the bicycle. Where the cyclist has his or her own box, but the Member requires use of its own box or packaging, the Member agrees to do so at no extra charge to the cyclist. Such service providers will have a clear policy available on a flyer or the corporate web site stating that it permits the carriage of bicycles. Further, the terms of carriage must be clearly spelled out and widely publicly available.

For courier services and the shipment of bikes, provider must provide a flyer or information on its web site that explains all rules and regulations that apply to the service. Members are knowledgeable about customs requirements fro shipping purposes if the bike shipment is crossing national borders.

For Cyclists

By using the Velo Hospitality service, cyclists understand and agree that:

  • A "Velo Host" or other paritcipant in this programme is not liable for any loss, damage or injury to a guest or a guest's bicycle or other personal possessions while staying at the participant's property or en route to or from the property;

  • Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation, its affiliates, or any related organizations or individuals are not liable for any loss, damage or injury to a guest or a guest's bicycle or other personal possessions while staying at a participants property or en route to or from the property;

  • In using the information contained in this program, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Each accommodation in the Velo Hospitality programme receives a copy of CycleCanada's Velo Hospitality Guide. They have agreed to read the guide and endeavor to provide the services outlined in the guide. However, they are under no obligation to provide the services except that those offering indoor accommodation agree to provide a safe place to store their guest's bike overnight. You will still be responsible for your bike's safety, but Members will endeavor to help you feel secure about the safety of your bike. And you will be responsible for your own safety.

The majority of Members are small businesses. Please don't expect them to plan your holiday for you. If a Member tells you they can't accomodate a request please accept this. There are many regulations that these businesses must abide by and sometimes, although they would like to assist, they are not permitted to do so.

Cycling guests, readers of this site, are welcome to purchase the Velo Hospitality Guide, just select the On-line order form (there is also a pdf option there), complete the form and we will mail a copy to you.

Keywords and Advertising

Keywords are available for rent for one month to six months. Keywords may be purchased by Members of or non-members.

Keywords will give you a higher profile in a search. Shared keywords are limited to five advertisers, at a minimum, two words are reserved for VeloHospitality members. Some keywords may not be available, so please list keywords in order of preference. We will confirm your choice before processing any fees. These rates are valid until August 31, 2009.

For organizations who do not fit into a service provider category, such as charity events, commercial tour operators, non-profit tour operators, magazines, blogs, advertising is also available in the form of keywords. Please contact us for rates. Advertisers must be pre-approved. We will confirm placement of the ad before processing any fees. Except in unusual cases we will only accept cycling focussed ads.

You may include keywords orders when you join Our secure on-line form is here: Velo Hospitality Form. You can write us at

Use of Velo Hospitalty Logo

The Velo Hospitality logo was designed specifically for us to promote cycling friendly services. It is owned by Cycle Canada, The Veloforce Corporation. Service providers who are members of the Velo Hospitality Network and are in good standing may be given permission to use the Velo Hospitaltiy logo on their web site and printed material. Please contact us for details. The logo is available in most graphic formats. Please do not resize graphic or alter it in any way. We will provide you with the size needed and background colour is necessary.

The fees and terms are in force until August 31, 2009, Errors and Ommissions excepted